Message from the Regional Governor for the Peloponnese Petros Tatoulis

As the first Greek regional authority to undertake such an initiative, the Region of the Peloponnese is paving the way for accelerating the process for attracting investment. Our aim is to tangibly and substantively contribute to the Greek economy’s recovery—something that will benefit all citizens—through new jobs and enhanced incomes. Over the last two years, we have striven to create the ‘Invest in
Peloponnese’ program, which is funded by the Regional Authority, so that today we can finally reach out to potential investors.

We have forged an excellent cooperation with the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), the Public Properties Company (PPCo), the Directorate for the Armed Forces Real Estate Development (DAFRED), and Enterprise Greece. Our investment strategy has been shaped by an interdisciplinary team of experts that has evaluated specific—and, initially only public—real estate holdings in order to prioritise them. We plan to expand the program to include privately-owned properties and also target sectors other than tourism, the frontispiece of our strategy, such as agri-foodstuffs and services.

Comprehensive real estate development reports have been compiled for priority properties that we intend to present and promote at every available opportunity and all relevant forums. This includes our participation in international investment shows, features in financial and other specialised publications, and familiarisation trips for potential investors. The Region of the Peloponnese, as a regional government authority, seeks to convey the message that we will help facilitate development initiatives at every step of the demanding process of realising an investment.

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Invest in Peloponnese is an initiative of the Region of the Peloponnese, the Regional Development Fund of the Peloponnese and the regional governor Mr. Petros Tatoulis, for the promotion of investment opportunities in the regional departments of Korinthos, Argolida, Arkadia and Lakonia. Messinia, the 5th department of the Region is an established investment destination in the tourism sector with TEMES SA as the leading investor in the area.

With this initiative the Region of the Peloponnese aims to act as the local facilitator of direct investments in the Region with a focus on property development in the tourism sector, as a local partner of potential investors for the evaluation and planning of property development.

Within this scope the Region of the Peloponnese has established an interdisciplinary team of experts under the Region’s Development Company “PELOPONNISOS SA” to search, analyze, evaluate and point out property development investment opportunities in the Peloponnese, with a focus on state owned land in cooperation with the public legal entities managing the assets.