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Coastal property, suitable for mixed tourism development

562,000 sqm

48,200 sqm

Fishing shelter marina

Tourism, Holidays, Theme Park about Ancient Sparta

On the Gulf of Lakonia, East of Evrotas River


The estate is located on the coast of the Gulf of Laconia, to the east of the estuary of the Evrotas River, West of the town of Molai and of the provincial road Kato Glykovrisi - Kokkinia. The property is in an area that today falls outside any city planning limits, characterized by natural beauty.

Map depicting isochrone curves for overland access for the time/distance at 30, 60, 90, and 120 mins from the property.

Description of the Property

The property consists of two distinct plots, the coastal ΑΒΚ 379, of 562.135,33 sqm, and the ΑΒΚ 380, to the north of the first and separated from it by a communal farming street, of 50.630,00 sqm.


Glykovrysi is accessed by an adequate provincial road network, which is planned to be upgraded by the Region.  By road, it is 55 minutes away from Sparti, Lakonia’s capital, and 40 minutes away from Gythio, the largest nearby coastal tourist centre.

From Athens and the "El. Venizelos" International Airport the property can be accessed by road in a 3-hour drive. Additionally the property can be accessed from Kalamata town of Peloponnese and its "Captain V. Konstantakopoulos" airport in a 1,5 hour drive. There is also an inactive airport in Sparti.

The property can be accessed by private boats and yachts as it includes a fishing shelter marina. Furthermore two fully equipped marinas are located in Monenvasia of Lakonia and Pylos of Messinia. The closest port for commercial vessels is located in the town of Kalamata in Messinia, often used by cruise ships.

The Peloponnese has an extensive railway network but it is inactive. Discussions are in place to promote investments to the existing network of the Eastern Peloponnese in order for the Region to be once again connected with Athens and Central Greece.

The property is not serviced directly by electricity of telecommunication networks, which will need to be extended. It will also need to be connected to a sewage Treatment Facility (the closest ones being in Gythio, to the west, and in Monemvasia, to the north).  The waste management system of the Region is under reorganization with a €170mil investment plan.

Visitors of Glygovrisi have access to 3 near-by health centres and 2 general clinics of the Lakonia General Hospital. Banking and postal services are provided in the area.

Climate Conditions

The climate is mediterranean, warm and slightly humid, yet in the summer months dry weather sets in. Temperature in the greater area averages from 23,3οC to 25,8οC during the summer with 9-11 of sun on average per day and from 10,9οC to 12,7οC during the winter with 3-6 of sun on average per day.

Monuments and Other Places to Visit

In the vicinity of Glykovrysi, there is the Goulas hill archeological site and the Stefani prehistoric fortifications. A little further away, there is the archeological site of Agios Constantinos, the Gerantonia area, The Amykleon sanctuary and the Koufovouno hill, and, even further away, the archeological museum of Sparti.

The picturesque Elafonisos and, further away, the Kastania Cave to the southeast, the fortress town of Monemvasia to the north and Mystras with its hill castle to the northwest are three nearby areas truly worth a visit.  Gythio to the west offers intense tourist life.  The villages of (Lakonia’s and Messinia’s) Mani, to the west and south of Gythio, are picturesque, too and the route from Sparti to Kalamata on the slopes of Taygetos is a beautiful drive.

Beyond its own beach, Glykovrysi is lucky to be situated in the Gulf of Laconia which is known for its many beautiful beaches.

All these promote tourism development in Lakonia with a concentration of hotels and other accommodation, restaurants and other businesses and places of tourist interest.

Investment Proposal

The main investment proposal ideally speaking foresees a full 5-star hotel complex with bungalows and specialised tourism facilities.

The proposed plot, of 562.135,33 sqm, can offer a maximum of 48.200 sqm building area, best allotted as: 5-star hotel and specialized tourism facilities 25.680 m2 (minimum) and bungalows 19.280 m2 (maximum).

The basic planning foresees a classic sun-beach-sea approach combined with marine sports, nature tourism and cultural tourism.  Alternatively, a thematic park/experiential area could be added focusing on Ancient Sparta and the warfare it is linked to – possibly, battle re-enactments will draw crowds of the fans of this kind.  As another alternative, this estate could be combined in an investment portfolio with the inactive airport of Sparti (and or other public properties), to structure a broader investment proposal that will develop its own unique co-sustained dynamic.

ΑΒΚ 379
Ownership: Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund SA
Management: Public Properties Company SA

ΑΒΚ 380
Ownership: Public Properties Company SA
Management: Public Properties Company SA

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